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Microsoft Office Tutorials for Beginners with 3 Top Tips



Microsoft Office might offer several packages, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but there are some tips you can apply across the board. Many of them have similar functions, and it will be good for beginners to know how to use them.

We know these have saved us loads of time, so we’re happy to share some of our Microsoft Office tutorials with you.

  1. Create and save documents

    Microsoft Office Tutorials for Beginners

    No matter which Microsoft Office application you’re using, creating and saving documents has the same process across all of them. To create one, simply open the app, choose a template, and say “New”. Remember, you can click on File > Save As, or the Save icon, so that you don’t lose any of your precious information.

  2. Share and collaborate

    Microsoft Office Tutorials for Beginners

    You can share any of your documents with your team members, letting them work on them with you. All you have to do is click on Share, then Link Settings. You’ll need to adjust how many permissions they have, whether it’s editing, commenting, or just viewing. Don’t forget to share the link with them.

  3. Work remotely

    Microsoft Office Tutorials for Beginners

    Finally, you can access and work on your documents no matter where you are or which platform you use. You can sign in to your account from a mobile phone if you need to make any changes. All you need is your account details and the Microsoft Office app on your device to get going.

Become the elite

Now that you’ve learned the basics, don’t be afraid to try more advanced techniques. There’s so much you can do with Microsoft Office apps, and you shouldn’t feel limited by your lack of knowledge. Play around with settings and create something amazing.

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